Saturday, November 6, 2010

Benefits of Technology - Bringing the Pacquiao - Margarito fight online

I am not a fan of boxing entirely, I just enjoy watching our very own Manny Pacquiao fight in the ring. Call it Pinoy pride, as a Filipino I alway felt that every time the boxing icon wins a Championship belt he brings honor not only to himself and his family but to the entire Filipino people.

This November 14, 2010 our very own Manny Pacquiao will again step into the ring and will try to accomplish a feat that has never been done in the field of boxing and that is to win (hopefully) an eighth world title. Many Filipino's are preparing for this event and even now you will see several establishments offering to show the Pacquiao - Margarito fight in pay-per-view, expect however that these places will be swamped with people and you might not have a front row view of the fight.

For those who would rather stay home there are some other alternative and these are:
A. To avail of the pay-per-view services of your local cable company, which might be something that could prove to be expensive.

B. Watch the Pacquiao - Margarito fight through the Online
Of course we would like to support legal live streaming of the event and luckily for us who are connected with PLDT the company offers livestreaming of the Pacquiao-Margarito fight on November 14, 2010 through their watchpad service. For those subscribed a connection speed of 768kbps or higher is required for optimized viewing of the fight. Those who are subscribed in Plan 990 an upgrade to plan 1299 is required. To ensure the high quality of streaming, reservation to the Pacquiao - Margarito fight is required. For those who still are not subscribed with PLDT's WatchPad you can subscribe or signup to the PLDT Watchpad service and to be able to reserve your slot on  the Pacquiao - Margarito fight you have to register with PLDT Watchpad on or before November 8, 2010.

So if you are fond of using the internet for entertainment why not use it to watch our country man achieve yet again another world record.

For more information about the Pacquiao-Margarito fight and PLDT's Watchpad you can visit the PLDT Watchpad Facebook fan page or follow Watchpad through Twitter.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Dear Students how would you like to help? We all know that Cancer is slowly becoming one of the major cause of death not only to adults but also to children. It is so sad to know that children are battling the disease instead of spending their time playing. You, my dear students are very lucky because you are living a healthy and normal life but for Filipino children with cancer "Normal" is living and surviving another day and spend most of that "day" battling the disease. 
Help save a child

While we use technology to entertain ourselves, spending our time playing online computer games, chatting in facebook or updating our status, Filipino children with cancer are praying that the latest technology will be able to help them defeat cancer. Kythe, a non-stock, non-profit organization has organized the Child Life Program which is designed to uplift the quality of life of children with cancer and their families through various developmental and educational activities aimed at helping them understand more about their disease. In partnership with Unilever FoodSolutions, Kythe launched the REAL LOVE CAMPAIGN to make kids with cancer able to interact and create fun and healthy sandwiches made of healthy ingredients. 
Helping Uplift the Quality of Life of Children With Cancer

So how can we help? My dear students you can help by using the technology available to you, the internet and Facebook. All you have to do is to visit the Real Love Campaign Facebook page and click on "Like" this is because every 1000 likes Unilever FoodSolutions have pledged to donate 1000 sandwiches to the different Kythe Affiliated Hospitals. Imagine just 5 minutes of your time would make a difference. 

I am moved by the support that former SLU-LHS students have given by taking the initiative of "Liking" the Real Love Campaign facebook page so in order to challenge you a lot more I am encouraging you to join several Real Love Campaign contests. Below are some links for the contests that were initiated by some bloggers in order to spread awareness about Kythe Foundation and the Real Love Campaign, in line with this I am opening a simple contest exclusively for SLU-LHS students. Since this is for a good cause I am going to give a one year domain name and basic wordpress web hosting as a prize to the student who will be able to join all the contests listed below. The criteria is as follows:
1. Join all the contests listed below 
2. List down the URL of your contest piece and post it as a comment on this blog page.
3. Be the first to submit / post the comment as stated in number2.

I am initiating this contest for SLU-LHS students to encourage you to use technology not only as means of entertainment and income generation but also as a medium to help.

1. Philippine Customer Service Blog Site Kythe Contest
2. Ang Sa Wari Ko Blog Kythe Contest
3. The Accidental Teacher Blog Kythe Contest
4. Cognito Ergo Sum Kythe Contest
5. Hiraya Blog Site Kythe Contest
6. Ward On The Net
7. Just Another Pixel Blog Kythe Contest
8. The Fashionista Blog Site Kythe Contest
9. Mushings Blog Site Kythe Contest
10. Everyday Sweets Kythe Contest

Deadline will be on October 11, 2010 or until the first student delivers or posts his or her contest URL on the comment section of this blog. All URL's will be verified as to it's validity.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Introductions...starting life's journey....

I would like to document my journey from the time I was will  time permit me to recall everything? You we're thinking maybe, another long post, purely text and boring. The agony of reading so they say. The main reason why I started this website or this blog is because I am teaching my students the basics of blogging as part of their curriculum.As they say practice what you preach, or you cannot give what you do not have. That at least my main motivation for clicking the sign-up button.
You might have guessed already, I am a teacher, a high school teacher to be exact, call me vince, my students know me as sir vincent, sir vince but you can also call me teacher vince. How I became a teacher is a very  long story but to make such story short let us put it this way: "everyone is called by God to perform certain duties, mine is to teach in high school". This is where I would like to start my journey...lessons learned in life ever since I started teaching. I dedicate this blog to my students for them to learn from my experiences and life stories, and at the end of this lesson the students should be able to:

1. extract values from stories that were presented
2. Exhibit values learned or extracted
3. Live the life of a true Human being.

This is an extra work for me I know but I feel that by making this blog I have a duty to my students and that duty is to share life stories and lessons learned, I feel that through technology, this common technology, I could give my students or readers different insights, perspectives and views about certain situations, topics or events that one way or another would affect our life. Before I sound gloomy I must warn you I am not a Gloomy Person, I just look like it but I am not...just look at my profile pic...