Friday, September 17, 2010

Introductions...starting life's journey....

I would like to document my journey from the time I was will  time permit me to recall everything? You we're thinking maybe, another long post, purely text and boring. The agony of reading so they say. The main reason why I started this website or this blog is because I am teaching my students the basics of blogging as part of their curriculum.As they say practice what you preach, or you cannot give what you do not have. That at least my main motivation for clicking the sign-up button.
You might have guessed already, I am a teacher, a high school teacher to be exact, call me vince, my students know me as sir vincent, sir vince but you can also call me teacher vince. How I became a teacher is a very  long story but to make such story short let us put it this way: "everyone is called by God to perform certain duties, mine is to teach in high school". This is where I would like to start my journey...lessons learned in life ever since I started teaching. I dedicate this blog to my students for them to learn from my experiences and life stories, and at the end of this lesson the students should be able to:

1. extract values from stories that were presented
2. Exhibit values learned or extracted
3. Live the life of a true Human being.

This is an extra work for me I know but I feel that by making this blog I have a duty to my students and that duty is to share life stories and lessons learned, I feel that through technology, this common technology, I could give my students or readers different insights, perspectives and views about certain situations, topics or events that one way or another would affect our life. Before I sound gloomy I must warn you I am not a Gloomy Person, I just look like it but I am not...just look at my profile pic...