Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mind Control

Zombies are fictitious being that are portrayed by several movies (and games) as someone or something that is controlled by its insatiable thirst for flesh...or brains...these characters are exhibited as a person or a human being that have lost all sense of intellect and emotions as if it is being controlled by that someone or the question is are there zombies in our midst?
If we are to talk about zombies in its literal context then no it is just fiction (or is it?) but in the context of a person under the spell of mind control then maybe...well let's not be hypocrites...there are! For these zombies to exist there are at least two people involved the manipulator and the manipulated (hmm...). You may not know or realize it but at one point in time you may have been either one of them, simple things like persuading your friend to pay for a meal because you egged him to; made you the manipulator and your friend the "zombie". However these simple zombie intervals are sometimes acceptable depending on the frequency of the act of course, but what is not acceptable is if a person is being constantly manipulated in order to achieve personal whims and caprices and trampling upon the rights and dignity of other people in the process. This act is unacceptable, frankly a very despicable act and a very poor display of integrity as well as character.

We have lots of zombies and manipulators we need not look far we have them and sometimes what is disheartening is that many of our leaders are turned into zombies by lobbyists from giant corporations who are deemed to be manipulators. That made me realize our zombies are not screaming BRAINS...but I wish our present leadership would really make good of his promise of cleaning the government...getting rid of zombies and ghost employees...
For now we could only hope, but I also believe that through proper investment eliminating these zombies and manipulators is possible, so to our country's investment...the hope of our motherland, the next generation, here are some advices:

1. Always know where you stand and fight for what you believe is right, stand your ground never be swayed by devious, "flowering" words for which its aim is to flatter you.
2. Think before you act.
3. Listen to both sides of the story and if possible listen to ALL sides of the story before you make any assumptions or judgments. The saying "do not judge a book by its cover" is true...manipulators can put on the disguise of a "friend" but in truth and in fact would later on be revealed as a fiend once they get what they want.
4. Always build up and maintain integrity and character. The statement "good guys finish last" is a NOT TRUE...

John Maxwell has offered what i believe is an antidote to being manipulated and to becoming a manipulator and I quote:

"Stay focused instead of getting offended or off track by others."
— John C. Maxwell

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