Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quest for a DSLR Camera Bag

One of the gift that I got for myself last Christmas of 2010 was a Digital SLR Camera, for many months (or years) I have been yearning to owning a Digital SLR camera. This longing for such gadget emanated from the fact that I have laid out my plan to utilize my own original pictures for my websites, my blogs and well for photo contests. December 22, 2010 I finally got the opportunity to buy a simple DSLR Camera and I never thought that buying a DSLR camera would also entail the purchase of so many accessories. Although there are freebies that would come along with the DSLR camera that I’ve bought I found out that there is one important thing that is missing from the myriad of accessories that I bought, that is, a DSLR camera bag. After scouring the malls for several hours for a nice, durable but cheap DSLR camera bag, I found nothing that would fit my standards, I gave up my search as I’ve said to myself I would not be needing one immediately anyway.

After several days of using my DSLR camera I realized that I really would need a DSLR camera bag so after a failed search in the malls here in Baguio I decided to let my fingers do the searching via the internet. After doing a simple broad Google search using the phrase bags for sale the search engine returned several related search results but one thing caught my attention, an imported Universal DSLR Camera Bag for sale at a very low price. The item looks interesting enough and convincing especially that the image provided by the seller at AyosDito.ph included a photo of the DSLR Camera similar to what I bought last Christmas. Hmmm…if only I searched the internet first and visited buy and sell websites like AyosDito.ph and searched for bags for sale then I would have saved time, money and energy looking for that elusive DSLR camera bag.

AyosDito.ph Page where I Found the DSLR Bags for Sale


  1. Ayos dyan ah! I also want a DSLR too. I have a blogger-friend who is learning photography and he too, had to buy a lot of accessories just to take awesome pictures near or far.

    What's the model of your DSLR?

  2. Hi Gem,

    Simple Canon 1000D lang model, planning on closing some sites and opening new ones, including a photoblog...I just love the scenery here that I want to share it to the world through photos pero as of now wikihow muna ako sa photography hehehe

  3. Joining a photography group might help. I just don't know there's a charge for joining, but I hope it isn't expensive. I had a friend who found a photography group somewhere abroad, so he learned a lot of basic tips from his mentor and saw his progress... Self-learning naman afterwards.

    I'd really like to join a photography group too, but I don't think it's time for me to spend money on a DSLR for now. Let me know if you have found one.

    Sayang yung closing some sites (if you'll just let the domain expire), sell them instead. :)